SOZO:   ‘Heals, delivers, restores and makes whole’


It has been our privilege to have helped people from across Yorkshire deepen their walk with God through this ministry. Since 2012, our friends at Bethel SOZO UK have helped us and we remain in partnership with them.  We typically see that about 90 minutes is enough for most people to find new freedom and life in their relationships with God and with other people. Each session simply invites a response from Father, Son and Holy Spirit and we do that through prayer.  This time allows you to identify and resolve past hurts and unforgiveness that would otherwise hurt our relationships.

Buttershaw Baptist Church has a small team of mature and experienced volunteers who offer fee-free SOZOs.  Email us at* to find out more or to book yours. If you would just like prayer, have a look out our Healing Rooms page.

Below are four documents necessary for booking.

There is no charge for a Buttershaw Baptist Church SOZO. We welcome donations towards the costs of training our team and staying connected to the UK network.  Cheques are payable to ‘Buttershaw Baptist Church’ and we will issue a receipt.



Your Privacy

*SOZOs deal with sensitive issues and your privacy is of paramount importance to us. Information you choose to share with Buttershaw Baptist Church will be handled sensitively in accordance with our confidentiality policy. We are registered with, and are regulated by the Information Commissioners Office and the Charity Commission.

  • We keep email to secure, then we delete it for good after your session.
  • You can trust us to not collect or share your contact details because we don’t send marketing.
  • We keep post to our church address locked away until we shred all but the Liability form after your session.
  • You can read more of our policies (including Safeguarding) here.

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